what to expect from 1-1 Coaching

What coaching do I offer?

I am offering  people  support through a series of coaching sessions that will enable them to find the meaning behind where they may be stuck in their story and help them explore their transition. After exploring their “Why”, the supportive conversation can enable them to make progress towards their goals. The purpose of the coaching is to support the transformation goals of each client and to offer challenge to maximise their potential.

For executives and those working in organisations the coaching could apply to an issue in their business or with their own leadership effectiveness. For work of this nature we would work together in a series of  executive or leadership coaching sessions using tools and techniques that draw on resources you already have, in order to reach a new level of performance.

 Executive and Leadership Coaching Programmes aim to:

  • Unlock resourcefulness

  • Grow capabilities

  • Enhance wellbeing and resilience

  • Drive sustainable personal growth 

  • Help people adapt to change

  • Enable conscious leadership

Typical leadership coaching goals include the exploration of these stories:

- How can I communicate to engage my teams better?

- How can I influence change more?

- How can I make my time more efficient? - How can I think more innovatively?

- How do I think more strategically?

- How can I coach my team in better 1-1's?

- How can I delegate and empower more?

- How can I drive more team effectiveness?

- How should I lead in a crisis?

- How can I build in more self-care?

- How can I lead others through change?

- How should I manage upwards?

- How can I network and improve relationships?

- How can I work with difficult people and conversations?

- How can I transition from manager to leader?

- Who am I and how can I lead with purpose?

- Where do I get stuck and who do I want to become?

- How can I be more authentic as a leader?

- How can I lead change in my team?

More recently conversations may also include tackling the complex challenges of Sustainability and Climate Change working with more Diversity and Inclusion and how to handle other ESG organisational imperatives for change.

Coaching for Career Transitions

As with many other individuals I work with, it may be that you are seeking a change in career or you are working on an outcome that requires career guidance. In such cases, I recommend career coaching which also provides practical advice on how to deploy the action plan for a career change. To find out more about coaching and its uses and types I recommend reading my blog articles designed to help your understanding.

What can I expect to experience?

Following a free telephone consultation (which you can book  via email message) we can talk about a programme of coaching that will address your needs or we will create a bespoke package unique to you. Some of my most popular packages are listed at the bottom of this page.

Sessions (60/90mins) via Zoom or the client's preferred virtual platform and at the end of our agreed time, you will have formulated a plan of action to achieve your successful outcome.

My coaching model is described in the Coaching industry as a Universal Eclectic approach which means it is based on the 8 most popular models of psychology and how they can be applied in coaching. I would be happy to describe this more in our consultation call.

If you have not experienced Coaching before this infographic may help you think about what coaching may offer you..

Colorful Icon Business Infographic (3).p

A short informal video to share how you might experience sessions with me as a coach

Programme types for you to consider

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Conscious Leadership Coaching

A series of 6 x 1.5hr sessions of executive coaching for leaders who with to explore how their values and integrity can help them have the difficult conversations that may change the strategy and approach of their organisation and it's purpose in society.


Getting Unstuck and Transitioning 

A series of 6 x 1.5hr sessions of executive coaching for individuals who want to explore how coaching using the insights from their stories can get help them 'unstick' dilemmas they are having in their professional lives.

Working with Purpose

A series of 6 x 1.5hr sessions of personal development coaching for individuals who want to explore how Purposeful Thinking can help them achieve their goals and harmony in their work and personal life.

Career Coaching

Progress with Purpose

A series of 4  x 1hr virtual sessions of Career coaching to understand how to progress an action plan to start work, return to work or create a change in an individual’s career plans.

What Next thinking 

A series of 4 x 1hr sessions on how to use 'Purposeful Thinking' to overcome change in your career after experiencing redundancy, burnout or an unplanned change in your personal circumstances.