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Frequently asked questions about Coaching

  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching aims to improve performance by focusing on the present rather than dwelling on the past to help you create a better future. Coaching can be given to individuals or teams to help them reach their potential and achieve their goals. In your world, there is a challenge and the capacity to overcome this challenge. My role is to help you untangle the challenge, help you make connections and support you to explore new possibilities.
  • How can a Coach help me?
    Coaching is a process that will help you find the answers you already have within you. As a coach, it’s my role to work with you to find solutions by using different coaching tools and techniques such as observation, active listening, questions and reflecting back to you. As we work together, you should notice that you have new insights and increased self-awareness, and I’ll support you in outlining goals and achieving these goals.
  • What do you need from me?
    Openness, honesty and commitment! The aim is for us to work together in a partnership. Therefore, to help you make progress, I need you to be transparent and open about areas you are struggling with or what you would like to change throughout our sessions.
  • What happens in a typical coaching session?
    It depends on who I coach and whether it is a group session or 1-1. However, in the beginning, it’s essential to establish the concerns or challenges so that we can work on how to achieve your goals. Before starting a programme of work I will share with you my ethical code which is in line with the International Coaching Federation. At the start of a session, I’ll check in with you to discuss action items from the last session and insights and then focus on what you want to bring to the agenda. During the session, I’ll use questions and potentially creative coaching tools or techniques to go deeper and at the end, I may suggest reading or experiments for you to do away from our sessions.
  • What is your coaching style?
    My coaching model is described in the coaching industry as a Universal Eclectic approach. This means my style is based on the eight most popular models of psychology and how they can be applied in coaching. I would be happy to describe this more in our consultation call.
  • What are your coaching values and ethics?
    My purpose for my coaching practice is ‘to work with your story for you to consciously change what’s needed’. I’m passionate about helping people make empowered life and professional choices that form the next chapter in their story. So when I coach, I draw upon various learning tools and techniques and deeply explore a client’s development plans and aspirations for what they want to do next. And it goes without saying that all session discussions are confidential. When you work with me, you’ll receive a professional, commercial, empathetic, and approachable service that focuses on innovative solutions, lasting impact and goal-driven results.
  • What coaching qualifications do you have?
    Certifications: Professional Certified Coach of the ICF Certified Coach Supervisor (Coach Development) GTCI Team Coach Practitioner Climate Conscious Coaching Certificate Accredited Discovery Insights Practitioner Trained Facilitator and Coaching Capability consultant Korn Ferry Leadership 360 certification Hogan Inventory Profiles certification Qualifications: BSc Hons Degree - Retail Management and Food Science International Coaching Federations (ICF) approved Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching – AoEC Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Do I have to sign a contract to work with you?
    There is no contract for you to sign, but following our consultation call and acceptance of a proposal of work, I will send you a contract with terms and conditions (LINK TO Ts and Cs) for my services which I ask you to read before we start working together.
  • Do I meet you in person or online?
    Since the pandemic, 100% of my delivery is currently virtual. The increased ability to be present for coaching at home or at work has proven to be valuable for my clients, and I believe it is more sustainable not to add travel for our carbon footprint. I don’t want location to get in the way of you reaching your potential, so I am prepared to discuss this should face to face be a requirement for part of the programme.
  • How often should we connect?
    There is no set frequency, but we will agree on sessions and timeframes at the start of our coaching partnership, which we can review if we need to. Typically clients like to use their new insights in their workplace to say more about the results they see in their next session.
  • How much do your coaching sessions cost?
    All my coaching programmes are bespoke to the needs of the client, and a programme of sessions will be proposed to meet these requirements. It is for you to assess the value of the outcome that you desire to decide on whether this is the right investment for you.
  • What do past clients say about you?
    Please have a look at some of my testimonials from various clients which are shown on each service page.
  • What happens next?
    If you would like to discuss coaching in more detail with me, please book a free consultation call, or contact me.
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