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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on you as a leader and how we can work together to enable you to reach your leadership potential. During our sessions, we may focus on areas including how you can influence change, delegate and empower more, lead others through change or in a crisis and communicate to engage your team better.

I will listen to you and ask questions to help you gain self-awareness, improve performance and achieve your objectives. We will also use your insights to help you 'unstick' dilemmas you are having in your professional life and discuss ways you can drive team effectiveness, think more strategically and innovatively and be a more authentic leader.

The Process


During a free telephone consultation, we will discuss a coaching programme to address your needs or I can create a bespoke package unique to you.

As a coach, I will partner with you to listen to your story so that you feel heard and can focus on your coaching goals. Then we can begin to explore what mindset you must change and what would you like your future to be. We’ll also focus on the gap between what you're doing now and your future vision.


Sessions of 1.5 hours are via Zoom (or your preferred virtual platform), and at the end of our agreed time, you will have formulated a plan of action to achieve your successful outcome.

Features of my Leadership Coaching Sessions
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Typically, 6 x 1.5 hours of leadership challenges and capability growth transformational coaching

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Transitional leadership preparation or in-role leadership challenges or organisational, team, or individual challenges

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Optional leadership strengths and challenges diagnostic


Optional Discovery personality or Hogan reputation profiling tool

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2-3 Leadership Learning modules to be shared based on desired outcomes and goals

Typical Client Outcomes


I use a client-centric coaching approach to work with leaders to focus on the present and work towards a better future. Using my expertise and agile and impactful coaching skills, I can help you transform existing beliefs to achieve business goals and maximise performance.


Leadership coaching should help you to: 

  • Enable conscious leadership

  • Change the way you relate to others

  • Bring new insight to old problems/issues

  • Unlock potential and resourcefulness

  • Grow your capabilities

  • Overcome obstacles to your goals

  • Enhance wellbeing and resilience

  • Drive sustainable personal growth 

  • Help you adapt to change

"Kate is an absolutely amazing leadership coach!


I have really enjoyed working with her for over a year. Her positive and genuine style makes our sessions both inspiring and also very practical. I have particularly enjoyed her solution focused approach as we have worked through some tricky problems together.


She has a very clear and focused approach that have enabled some innovative reflections and ideas to be found which have benefited both me and the wider organisation considerably. I have found her purpose driven approach and commercial background and insights particularly useful. Basically she is awesome and I feel privileged to have met her."

Leadership C Suite Client - WWF

What do you want to change?


To find out more about my leadership coaching services, please contact me.

Who am I?


I’m an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach. I have a background at corporate multinational Unilever PLC, where I was one of the first coaches to deliver Unilever’s award-winning ‘Purpose in Leadership’ programme, credited with supporting the company's drive to Net Zero.


I’ll help you transform yourself and reach your potential using coaching sessions as the catalyst for change. I use coaching to create learning spaces for leaders like you to help you transition to achieve your aspirations.

“A nice client testimonial to go here to show potential clients how helped you them”

Do you need a partner to help you with your current challenges? Contact me to organise a free 45 minute telephone consultation

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