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Team Effectiveness Skills

As an Accredited Practitioner of the Discovery Insights and Hogan profiling tools, I can provide you with a profile and coaching debrief to support your coaching programme. In addition, I offer team profiles and deliver a Team Effectiveness Workshop that can significantly improve team performance.

Discovery Insights is a psychometric profiling tool that offers individuals and teams a fantastic insight into their behaviour and preferences and aids self-awareness.

Hogan HPVI, HDS, and HPI profiles measure motivations, values, behaviour traits and derailers for individuals and teams.

The knowledge from these profile assessments will help you or your team understand how to create change and underpins action planning.

The Process

During a free telephone consultation, we will discuss the profiling tools and how we can use the tools as part of your coaching programme.

Once we have the individual or team profile results, I will discuss them with you in-depth (or with individual team members) and use them as part of your individual or team coaching sessions.

Features of my Team Effectiveness Tools
Artboard 1-personality.png

Discovery Insights (personality preference profiles) for individual and teams

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Hogan HPVI, HDS, HPI (motivations, values, behaviour traits and derailers) profiles for individuals and teams

Typical Client Outcomes


Using my expertise in the profiling tools, I will analyse the results and discuss these on an individual or team level. The profiles will show the following:

Discovery Insights is a strong starting point and highlights how you think, work and come across to other people. By reviewing and discussing your profile, we can really get to know you and assess your blind spots, how you manage others, your strengths, and your decision-making style to work towards greater self-awareness and career and personal development.

The Hogan Preferences and Values Indicator (HPVI) assesses your preferences and motivation based on values including power, recognition and security. Your profile results will highlight your core business drivers, which we can then address and discuss together.

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) focuses on the dark side of your personality. It will drill down into the derailers that, under pressure or stress, cause work issues or concerns and threaten workplace relationships, productivity, or performance.

Together we can discuss these and focus on methods you can adopt to change the way you behave under stress so that your behaviour becomes a strength rather than destructive.

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) focuses on the bright side of your personality and identifies your work preferences and how you prefer to be perceived in your work role.

Again, we will discuss your results and work together to utilise these strengths and preferences to help your career development and success.

"This coaching coincided with me moving into a leadership role and was very useful advice in helping me make the transition in my behaviours and mindset as well as in understanding changes in other people's behaviour towards me. Really valuable to have an independent and safe place to discuss some of the issues I was facing with my role move. Our conversations were honest and explored the issues in directions I wouldn't otherwise have taken, which have helped with building relationships in the new team"

ESG Team, Sage 2021

Please contact me for more information on these tools and how best to utilise them.

Who am I?

I’m an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach. I have a background at corporate multinational Unilever PLC, where I was one of the first coaches to deliver Unilever’s award-winning ‘Purpose in Leadership’ programme, credited with supporting the company's drive to Net Zero.

I’ll help you understand deeper aspects of your personality by using profile tools and combining them with coaching as the catalyst for change.

“A nice client testimonial to go here to show potential clients how helped you them”

Do you want to learn more about yourself or your team using in-depth team effectiveness tools?

Contact me to organise a free 45 minute telephone consultation

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