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What can I offer you as a coach?

I have been really quiet on this blog this year for good reason as coaching has never been more needed and in demand. The phrase "its good to talk" has never applied so much as in a pandemic as people have needed the thinking space offered by partnering with coach, to work through what they plan to do next with their challenges, opportunities and personal wellbeing. It's been such as busy year that I took some time off this summer to reset and focus on being a mum to teenagers who needed to be out in the world before the new term. The taxi service time allowed me to think about my own business and what I wanted to focus on for the rest of the year and beyond.

My area of focus is to be clear on what I can offer the world as we adapt and reset to offices re-opening, teams spending time together face to face and the on-going challenge of adapting to whatever the end of year is bringing you.

My offer is in three parts:

1-1 Executive or Leadership Coaching to support you individually

Team Coaching for Team Leaders and their teams supporting you as a group

Coach Development Services - Supervision, Coach Capability Training and Mentor Coaching

To understand how these can help you please do look at the pages of my website and for all I offer a free consultation call to discuss your individual needs.

To help you feel secure in your choice of spending time with me I am delighted to join the Trusted Coach Directory who to be a member alone you need to be vetted to ensure you are not only an accredited coach of quality but that you are yourself supervised and continually learning and upholding the professional standards of the industry and the client's we serve.

So I offer this membership as proof of my work and I look forward to seeing what I can do to partner with you on your reset. Get in touch via the contact page or email me direct on Katef

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