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See it, Name it, Face it.

Coaching offers client's insights into what shows up for others. A coach can offer feedback about what behaviour and patterns they are noticing from their experience of being with a client. This insight can help a client start to see where they might be stuck with other people.

Discussing the insight may be a small part of a session with the coach but the lasting impact is where the real work starts to happen. The 'aha' or lightbulb moment often comes about when the behaviour or pattern shows up the next time in a workplace relationship with colleague, employee or boss. Time and time again client's say "I noticed that I did it again but this time I saw it in myself". This is when the magic happens. A client can then work with a choice of staying the same with someone or experimenting with something new. The first time they might just deploy a simple act of naming the insight and just pausing with this thought. The second time, they may make a conscious choice of doing something new to see what happens. By facing into the experiment they may notice a change in the outcome in a relationship and that might be enough to be tempted into doing the new behaviour more often.

How can I help you be aware of why you might be stuck with someone and help you see it for yourself?

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