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Walking the Talk

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

On my morning walk with my dog, I noticed the morning mist and the shapes that emerged in the distance – the trees in the distance looked like ships in the sea fog that were unclear in size and scale. I couldn’t get a grip on the perspective or the view beyond until the mist cleared. The view or lack of it matched my thoughts. I have been working on the launch of a big project that is about to emerge from the mist and I am nervous about how it will be seen once the fog lifts. I am also apprehensive of the reception to the project and feeling that I need to walk the talk now and not wait.

Yikes it's been a year since I last posted! - Let me explain.

This year has been so busy and thankfully successful that I have had time to fulfill an ambition which was to write a book before I turned 50. The purpose of the book is clear to me both in what it has to offer those that will read it but also how it makes commercial sense for my business.

The book is for newly qualified coaches and is to support their entry into the business of coaching. It is designed to support coaches who wish to be self-employed and offer coaching services of all types by building a sustainable business and be successful as an entrepreneur. It’s written (finished just before my October birthday) and about to launch.

Thankfully the coaches that have read the manuscript have shared that the offer is strong and that it adds value to their thinking and futures.

I have had no time for marketing any of kind recently, a key element of running a business. I have been using the excuse that I don’t need to do it right now and avoiding it! But today this niggled at me – am I walking the talk.

With the book launch, a part of my website aimed at supporting coaches further will also be launched. This is the shape in the distance that is still in the fog and it’s taking a lot of work to get this ready for the end of this year. It just so happens that I was writing the Marketing resources before my walk this morning! I know this was the trigger of my nerves. The scale of the project means that it has become a monster and its size and scale is scary. I also realize that I am exposing my vulnerability of building my own business and the effort I need to make in Marketing my offer. I am sharing my expertise and yet need to be open to different opinions on how best to Market coaching services.

I am preparing for launch and need to tell the universe about the work. Taking the position of expert and owning my story in the book is hard and the imposter voice has been loud all year. I have needed a lot of coaching from others to get where I am today and still need more opportunities to be coached before my goal is achieved. It will take more guts to get over the final hurdle and go live. I am not claiming to have the perfect coaching business but believe in my product, the book and its value. The only way I can tell the universe is to practice what I am preaching and improve my Marketing skills and get active again!

Hence this blog as there is no better time to start lifting the fog on the project and offering my thoughts to my followers – how are you showing your potential clients who you are? What are you preparing to do to let them find your offer and how you can help them succeed. Don’t let your abilities go to waste by not trying to better yourself or let yourself be hidden in the fog.

If you are a newly qualified coach and want to be part of this exiting launch, then let me know if you would like to be added to the launch marketing!



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