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Partnering with a Mushroom in 2021!

Do you see this fungus on a tree as beautiful or ugly? To me it represents many things and all of them beautiful. The picture was taken on one of many autumn lockdown walks. Yesterday on my wintery walk, I noticed the fungus had gone - it had left it's temporary home on the tree.

I see the fungus as a living thing that worked with the tree for a period of time in partnership, before it transitioned elsewhere. It was supporting the tree to alter its state. In this case, the tree is becoming something new in the ecosystem and it looks like it's now home to more wildlife. The fungus has helped it move forward by creating more space for a new life filled with purpose.

That is the true beauty in the picture.

Indulge me whilst I take the analogy forward to explain how similar partnerships work in coaching.

In coaching, we work to create a partnership between the host (the client as a tree) and the agent of change (the coaching as the mushroom!). We aim to set up a mutually respected partnership between both parties to create space and time for you to think and plan for change. We aim to build enough trust in our relationship to help you explore your desired future state and to explore the gap that exists between now and that outcome. Coaching allows you to be aware what you have already as resources to help you fill the gap. We also partner with you to narrow the gap further by gathering new thinking from a conversation that helps you see, hear and feel more resourceful as we work together. The coaching supports your new role, purpose or plan to become clearer and more actionable.

When your coaching needs are met, we often both sense the time to leave the temporary relationship we have created. Good coaching will leave you ready to stand alone in making your future state a reality because it's your plan. Your connection to that plan allows us to pause our partnership and move to new systems where we are needed.

My ambition for 2021 is to be more of a fungus and see more trees change throughout the seasons - are you ready to be a host for the work? Kate


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