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Managing the Mix

Coaches are programmed to support others and make a difference. Most of us go through the rigour of our qualifications and accreditation to achieve the likelihood of working with more clients and doing great work. For some this great work will be our marketing message but for others we need to stop waiting to be found and instead show our potential clients where we are and that we are ready to coach them through their pain points.

It is no surprise that Coaching Solopreneurs often find the Marketing room of their business model the hardest to implement as it is where the limiting beliefs tend to lurk. Most coaches hate the thought of “putting themselves out there” using traditional marketing channels and the thought of playing the social media game is often not congruent with their personal approach and feelings towards the tools. But what if the tools are ideal for activating their marketing plans and it is actually in social media where their ideal client is hanging out.

Asking coaches to build a marketing plan is the first step to unlocking the mindset for marketing and in a good plan you need to challenge yourself to pick a marketing tool that will get to your audience effectively. In building the plan there may also be a rationale for a blend of tools or different tools for different coaching products. Managing the marketing mix in a planned approach will give you the mindset for learning more about how to implement your plan and then become a master of the medium – even including your decisions around tools that are not your favourites!

In this month’s live we spoke about what Marketing tools coaches can be find when trying to reach their ideal client and how to approach using these tools for your business. The key messages are: be curious, learn the algorithms, then be playful and experiment until you find a rhythm for the implementation of your marketing messages and plans. You might discover that it is easier than you think and you can effectively make the best of the experiments and repurpose the content for another time. That feels a lot like learning to coach and you know how to do that in your way over time and own your process so why not apply that to owning who you are and how you coach by telling the world about those things first.

If you still need help, then working with a marketing expert may be a good move but first invest some time in giving it a go to see what happens without such investment. I will bet you will have more to say if you have worked on your business why and your product communication. With courage, the tools are just there for the taking. Still feeling stuck? Then go back to your business plan and work with me on making that your motivation to manage the mix!

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