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For the love of learning

As I write the last blog of 2023 it has been useful to start with following my own advice and completing a review of the year. I review my business and my coaching practice quarterly to make adjustments but, at the end of the year, deeper reflection about what I have learnt enables me to construct a learning plan for 2024.

This year my key ambition is to go back into learning mode to solve some gaps in

my annual plan and to create new opportunities for business and coaching growth.

Here is the initial wish list of intentions in the annual plan that my learning plan addresses:

- Pick up more client coaching hours in 2024 to complete my pathway to Master Coach and support clients with their leadership issues in a challenging world.

- Pick up purposeful Team Coaching work through associate and private clients for post my Teens’ exams when I have the space for the intensity.

- Revisit the Coaching Solopreneur Community to make it more accessible - as per my purpose for writing the book “The Coaching Solopreneur.”

- Support more coaches in a difficult marketplace with Supervision and resilience skills

- Use learning spaces and connections to others to love learning again.

My learning plan follows each of these intentions with planned experiences I am seeking, people in my personal boardroom that I am to prioritize and connect with and, importantly, time to read, absorb and listen to others. The classic 70/20/10 rule of a great learning plan is in play.

Crucially, I am looking now at booking and investing in what my learning plan will take to action and I am loving looking at learning solutions. Firstly, I am planning and booking my Supervision needs and other self-care and support activities. After this, I have been evaluating the learning pathways to Master coaching and reconnecting with my community of practice team coaches. Lastly, I am learning how to go back into what I wrote in the book in the Coaching House model and re-doing the steps to see what feels right to do for you in the Coaching Community after its maiden year. I have a

lot to learn here and I am listening to feedback from you on what has worked and what has not. I am learning to love learning that is painful too and use the riches for an updated playbook and maybe a new chapter in 2024.

If you have a story to share from your experience of working with me in 2023, I would love to hear it and learn from it.



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