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Thank you, Next

As a coach we are trained to be client centric, park what’s going on for us at the door and be present for the client and really listen. Recently this has been more challenging, as personal family circumstances have made me acutely aware of my limiting beliefs and how I can be triggered when I worry if I have done enough.

During this difficult time where I have struggled to be empathetic and kind to myself, I have noticed how supportive my work colleagues, network and community have been, when I have needed it most. Their message has been that it is now time for you to be coached, to start self-coach again and to draw me back to really listening to what people are telling and showing you.

Last week, I took a leap into running a Webinar for my Coach Consultant workstream and whilst I was prepared, I felt pretty nervous at the thought of speaking to 130 unknown people. Would I be good enough?

I got through it by asking myself what would Kate the coach say if she knew you were nervous and could see this self-talk. I also reached out to my coach supervisor who helped me separate what was going on for me at home, from how much doing well really meant to be.

After I had delivered the webinar, my instinct was to not read any of the messages I’d received. But my inner-self said be brave and seek feedback of how I’d done. It was then I looked at the chat-box and saw some familiar names who’d been willing me on – people I have coached, trained with and currently work with. I really listened and paid attention to what they had to say.

I often feel the same level of unease about asking my clients for testimonials and references. Recently however, I have asked for these without worrying about what I might hear. I am constantly blown away by those that share the impact on my work on them personally and professionally.

The thank you present after the webinar meant a lot. And do you know what? Asking for & receiving feedback after the webinar was both rewarding & insightful. It has been the breakthrough I needed, and I now feel back on form.

I reflect on this now as I recognize how powerful coaching has become for me as a person.

What have I learned? Well, I have learned that for me to help others help themselves, I also need to walk the talk, fear the fear and just believe in myself more. The webinar coaching helped to say everything out loud and to ask for help in managing the voices in my head. The insights and feedback I received helped me move forward and I am ready to continue coaching everyday.

As I move on to more clients, more webinars and more new challenges, I plan to know I am good enough. In the words of my daughter’s favourite singer, ‘thank you next’

If you would like help making you feel good enough, I’d love to talk to you.

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