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What type of Coaching would suit you?

I am often asked by clients to explain what to expect from coaching and the difference between executive, leadership and careers coaching services.

This month I thought I would try and demystify my work by describing the types of coaching on offer and translating how they differ so that you can find the coach you need.

I will start with what is consistent between all types of coaching. Your coach should skillfully work with you on your objectives through active listening and effective questions. The coaching sessions are a learning vehicle that should provide you with a pathway that should help you build a future for a new mindset and help you experiment with an action plan full of the changes you want to make.

The coaching will put you, the client, in the centre and you will know it is working if you see yourself creating change for yourself. If no progress is being made the coach should hold you accountable to the plan you created and help you keep working on any areas where you are stuck.

Working out what coaching type of service is needed is an important objective of the consultation call that is offered on your enquiry. What you need shows up by discussing the construct of the topic or story you want to change. A coach should listen for what you need before offering ANY coaching to ensure that you are aligned from the start. The coach may specialize or offer a blend of their services to address your needs but a clearer signal would be given if your coach can tell you what they will bring to the party and you can identify that will help you with your goals or future self.

Coaching Types I offer:

Executive Coaching – Coaching within an organisational context. Supporting clients leading their own business or in a company role, who want a partner to support their challenges in the context of their day to day role in the organisation. This can be offered at individual or team level.

Leadership Coaching – Partnering with leaders who want to work with a coach to improve their leadership skills and presence, and/or work on challenges they experience in their current role. I also work with future leaders to transition from one role to another - again in an organisational context but with the use of leadership exercises and leadership theory.

Career Coaching – Coaching that supports creating an action plan for a career change when needed or desired. For those needing support in making decisions on their direction of travel in their working lives and also for those who need practical support in how to implement their career change through coaching and practical guidance on finding their skills and using them in application tools.

For all of these three services, I combine my coaching services with exercises that help clients plan, prepare and rehearse the change they want to make and I provide the learning theory to support their goals. I do this when we need to work either at a deeper level or when a request is made for practical support when all the coachee’s resources are depleted. This is my unique selling point as a learning and development professional but I always use the coaching as my weapon of choice in setting up the mindset and motivational space for change first. This ensures my client is guided towards success through insights. I am not telling them what to do but they are uncovering their future for themselves. The neuroscience and psychological theory is that the outcome is more likely this way.

Finding out what a coach offers and feeling that you have rapport with them so you bring your story to the session is the key. Three questions really matter:

- Does your potential coach offer what you need to get unstuck?

- Do they get you?

- Having spoken to them, can you see your future self and see future possibilities from the investment ?

If this has helped demystify how I can help you do get in touch so we can explore what I can offer you.

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