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  • Katef

Learning to learn again

Since leaving my internal coaching role to run my own business I have been keen to test my skills and keep learning. Today, I am thrilled to announce that I have completed my toughest test yet and graduated from the Academy of Executive Coaching's Advanced programme. 18 months of study, 32 books referenced in a theoretical essay and coaching in front of panels including some of the best Master Coaches in the industry wasn't easy but it has made be realise that the role of learning should never stop.

When I explain what coaching is to my clients, I often refer to my role as a partner in sorting out the computer files in our heads. Some of these files contain memories, values, habits and of course those pesky limiting beliefs. In my head, I have never considered myself to be an academic so the idea of writing an academic theoretical essay of Masters standard used to be off the table. It took some great coaching to realise that it was time for that computer file to shift to the back of the queue. It was possible and now I want more. Over this past year I discovered that I love to learn again. Coaching enables us all to review the stories in our computer files and shift the story forward. How can I help you do this for your ambitions?

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