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  • Katef

Leaving a legacy

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, it is interesting to see how the younger generation embrace the traditions old and new each year into a blend of a day that ultimately endorses some time to think about life and death.

It reminds me that at times the biggest breakthrough in supporting people with an issue where they are stuck is to fast forward time and ask what they would like to be known for in 10 years time, on retirement or somewhat morbidly but what would they like people to say about them at the end of their time. How often do we think about that bigger question in life - what could this all be for and why?

Connecting with this bigger picture thinking about oneself rather than the just the work tasks in hand, is a great way to find the motivation and strength to see a way through. We may not all want to leave a huge legacy by changing the world. For some the legacy of being enough for friends and family is all it takes to make a decision that moves us forward. It's finding the time to explore the thoughts around your purpose that is the start point - and it may be seeing the gravestones at Halloween that make us think about doing exactly that. What's the worst that can happen in seeking out a coach - I promise I won't bite!

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