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Exploring pathways

In August, students in England receive their school exam results and are setting up pathways to their future. This period of time has reinforced my belief in the need to help every young person to be 'the best they can be' by helping many explore their "why". By understanding their reasons for what they want to do it can help them not be defined by their qualifications but can help them explore the range of options that can still get them to their goals.

The range of choices on offer for this generation are not all in traditional higher education institutions. For some going straight to work or finding a hybrid option in an degree apprenticeship can still as beneficial for those who significant learning style, personality and people skills suit a fresh approach to joining a career path. The freedom of not being defined by their education experience can kickstart the motivation and self-initiated drive to seek out new approaches to a career and this is vital for some to do to feel engaged with their future.

Career coaching can help young people feel free and elevated to accept that they are in control of their future. Working on their why and telling their story to the parents is a first step in accepting that it's their choice and their pathway. By expressing their ideas, emotions and reasons behind their decisions will increase the chances of expressing these when applying for a course or job. In addition, the likelihood of sticking to the plan increases when they hit a bump in the road. This has to be a good thing for the mental health of a generation currently defined by qualifications as a measure of success who find real life beyond education tough. Helping young people express themselves, feel accepted and open to all possibilities in an ever changing world is also good for society as a whole.

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