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The importance of reflection time

The summer holiday period offers most of us a chance to draw breath and think. If we are lucky we get to be away from our everyday lives, kick off our shoes and rest. At these moments we can reflect on what we really need to present with the opportunity and it's oh so healthy to park normal life for a while.

Once in holiday mode it is also nice to dream and plan about the future. It is also a great way of reflecting on what has been achieved so far and what you might like to do more of. Looking for learning in these thoughts is exactly the same space as the ideal state we try and achieve in coaching sessions. Coaches want to help clients hold a mirror up to their current self so that the coachee can look for insights and learning points that can help them dream, reset and plan and ultimately refresh their outlook.

So if you haven't had the chance to do this on holiday this summer then achieving the same state of reflection might really help you and I recommend spending your time with a coach. I can't promise the sunshine but I can help you kick off the shoes with a balance of relaxation and insights that challenge that status quo!

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