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Putting my Purpose into action

A year ago today, I walked away from my corporate career to work for myself. It was a jump away from great colleagues, financial security and I left the highly sought after school hours role behind. My jump was planned and purposeful and I have not looked back with regret once.

Working as an internal coach as part of a capability role allowed me to help so many with their "Purpose" statements and development plans that it felt right to put my own purpose driven plan into action and jump into coaching everyday. Knowing that my choices were driven by understanding my "Why I do what I do" reduced the fear of the unknown and still enables me daily to find the dose of motivation needed to coach others to find their "Why" and act on it.

Helping clients to understand their Purpose is one of the core pillars of my work and how to find their theme is a key tool into opening up possibilities. Clients find themes in their past, present and hopes for the future that can help their decision making and prepare them for their jump into the their plan. The chance to tell your story to someone willing to listen enables people to think more deeply, find the courage to act and the motivation to make a change. The reasons to change become clearer and the plan more purposeful.

How can I help you explore your reasons for doing something new or tackling something that is stopping you move forward?

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