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Why it helps to "Push the Mush"

Coaching sessions are designed to be a way of helping clients have time to think. In the busy lives we lead how often do we devote an hour to just sitting and thinking. Human beings get bored and naturally want to fill time on our hands so we gravitate to avoiding thinking. Sometimes however, we need to create the space to pause and re-evaluate the thoughts that are stuck in our memories. Checking in with the stories and belief systems we have lived for some time that may now not serve you can be the key to unlocking change.

The best way to make yourself stop and think is to see your brain as the puzzle that needs unravelling. Most coaches work with a model that supports the client look deeper into what stories are stuck in their client's heads. Once the chemistry is right between coach and client there is an opportunity to delve into the computer files of the mind and in my coaching model this is the "Push the Mush" moment. With an appropriate question for the presenting issue and in knowing that the client wants to achieve their goal, we work on a level that gets into those computer files and gives them a re-sort. This can get emotional on many levels but it is the insights that emerge that offer the client the greatest chance of experimenting with new plans for change.

For many it is a case of being open in the session and taking the opportunity for the mush to be pushed! So what's stopping you giving it a try?

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