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At a Careers Crossroad?

When we reach a careers crossroad through redundancy, burnout or simply not wanting to stay in the same job for any longer, it is hard to make new plans as the unknown creates paralysis of clear thought. It is natural to be afraid of making a fresh start for fear it may not work financially or make you any happier and we tell ourselves it's not possible because...

This month, I have been inspired by the writing of Dr Susan David on Emotional Agility which has re-clarified for me how we get stuck and stop ourselves from embracing change.

They key to her work reminds me that to move forward we first must "un-hook" our brains from the stories we tell ourselves. The stories in our "stuckness" are based on our past experiences not where we want to get to. When these stories are challenged and the truth is explored, we can create a new starting point to step out from the thoughts that are holding us back and create new positive possibilities.

When we are in this new open mindset we can look at our skills rather than just our past achievements as a way of bridging to a new role or new career. Transferable skills form the links between our past and future and form the keywords for our new options. Moving on from the career crossroad into a choice of path starts from being open and putting the fear behind us. Career coaching is designed to help clients get to this place and works towards helping them achieve an outcome with new positive intent.

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