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Empowering yourself to change

Leaping into something new or trying to break a habit to form new ones takes courage. Coaching is designed to support individuals work on what they want to do next, break the change down into steps and to support the client’s readiness to make the change. Often as a coach we may not witness the change happen but instinctively we can see the readiness to leap and how the coaching insight empowers the client to go for it!

Courage comes from many sources but I witness the biggest leaps when the client empowers themselves to make the change. If we want it enough we shouldn’t need to seek empowerment from others to be able to create the first step of plan particularly if the plan is well formed and doesn’t create an impact on others. Many people still seek permission to act from their bosses or partners and in many cases waiting for this has held the client back without realizing that their boss or partner would be more than happy to listen and support a solution to their problem if it helps them become “un-stuck”. It particularly helps if the client can offer their reasons and why they want to act making it pretty difficult for the perceived sponsor to say no!

The spring signals a fresh start for new life and is a perfect time to empower yourself – what is it that you want to do next?

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