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How are you juggling work and family this summer?

Are you juggling working with kids off on schools holidays?

How do you feel about working during the school holidays - is it easier or harder than in the term time? Having worked part-time for over ten years, I sometimes think it is easier working in the term time as I know where everyone should be and how many hours I have got to get to get things done. Working part-time has its benefits in the holiday period though as at least there are totally family centric days and focused work days, once the team (I mean work and family) are clear on which days they are!

A recent survey of 250 employers who offer part-time roles taken by Ten2Two Recruitment found that:

83% of employers agree that flexible working has benefited their business with 56% agreeing strongly and none disagreeing. Benefits quoted by employers of flexible working include greater retention of valuable staff, employee wellbeing and satisfaction and access to a broader talent pool when recruiting. Employees added to this employee productivity as a key benefit.

I would like to think that more Leaders of the future will have had the opportunity to have the choice of juggling the holidays part-time and still make this a choice for all their future teams. Many of my leadership clients struggle with asking for this opportunity at first and I help them realise that the skills they will learn in juggling and yet still being productive will make them stronger leaders in the future. If you would like to learn how to make part-time working work for your future leadership role let me help you plan for it and make it work. Try our 'Working with Purpose' programme of coaching and see what a difference the juggling skills might make for you.

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