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  • Katef

Are graduate scheme adverts telling the truth?

Many top companies are experiencing an increase in drop outs from their graduate schemes. A recent report from the Association of Graduate Recruiters indicated that employers "should expect to retain just over half of their graduate intake over five years" and this is up 39% from 2015. Why is this? The Times reported in May that big companies spend big budgets on attracting and training up top graduates to lose one in six at the end of a two year programme. This compares to one in eleven a year before. Many employers are still placing the same adverts in-front of prospective graduates promising future leadership roles - can they still promise this as six percent reported no permanent role on offer? One in eight left for better career prospects - I wonder if the company did not deliver on its recruitment promise or the individual was impatient. The scary statistic is that a quarter left to change career - I question what advice they were given at school and in their final year of the chosen degree. Given the chance to explore career options may have served them and the companies losing them better.

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