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Transforming Leaders.
Developing Coaches.

Impactful Coaching for Leaders, Teams and Coaches as a Catalyst for Conscious Change

Have you ever wanted to enhance your professional coaching skills or help your people develop to reach their potential?

At Kate Freedman Coaching, I use a client-centric coaching approach to work with coaches, leaders and teams to focus on the present and work towards a better future. 

Using my expertise and agile and impactful coaching skills, I can help you or your people transform existing beliefs to achieve business goals and maximise performance.

You’ll experience a professional, commercial, empathetic and approachable service that focuses on innovative solutions, lasting impact, and goal-driven results.







I Specialise in Coaching and Development Services...

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For Leaders - 

Coaching is a powerful way to identify performance gaps and develop individuals. I help leaders challenge their reality and existing perceptions to build confidence, lead with purpose, achieve goals and experience conscious and lasting behavioural change.

I offer a variety of business services:

  • Leadership / Executive Coaching

  • Climate Coaching

  • Team Coaching

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For Coaches -

Whatever stage you’re at in your professional coaching career, I’ll collaborate with you to build your capabilities as a coach in a safe environment. We’ll focus on your successes and challenges and work together to help you become masterful in the way you work with your clients. Our sessions will be without judgement with a focus on what YOU need. I’ll help you develop your skills and confidence to meet professional development needs and timescales.

I offer a variety of professional services:

  • Coaching supervision (groups and 1:1)

  • Business Mentoring

  • Mentor Coaching for Accreditation 

The Solopreneur Coaching Community

Join Kate Freedman's  Solopreneur Coaching Community page and get access to additional resources to the Coaching Solopreneur Book including over 30+  Coaching House resources and access to pre-recorded sessions and live events where you can ask Kate your build questions. Join this website full of coaching business build resources if you are in need of the How's for £99inc VAT a limited offer on the books first anniversary! Join this wonderful community below.

View the Solopreneur Coaching Community pricing plan

Free Book Resources

A Solopreneur Coach Business Build journal and worksheets on...

  • The Coaching House Audit

  • How to build a template for a coaching contract

  • How to build a Business and Annual Plan document

  • How to build a business growth and development plan template

The "Coaching Solopreneur " TM Book - it's here now!

Read the whole story.....

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“As a result of the Coaching I feel better equipped and therefore more confident about the positive change I am able to bring about in my organisation. I am more self-aware and am clear on my purpose.”

Start achieving your goals and aspirations with a free 45 minute telephone consultation with Kate

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