Testimonials From Clients

Executive Coaching

"Kate helped me by stretching my thinking beyond the conventional development/career planning, she employed different techniques provoking me to think in a holistic way about my journey. This was all delivered with Kate’s engaging, positive style”. Mike L, Customer Director, Unilever plc

"In our session, Kate listened and challenged me. In a short space of time I developed a clear action plan which has given me the confidence to take control of my role post my return to work after maternity leave". Unilever Senior Executive

"During our sessions I was able to speak about myself and finally Kate has put me into the right direction to define my goals. Many thanks for tolerance, attention and professionalism!" Corporate Client, Banking, Russian 2019

"I was really reviewing if I could manage work and life at the point in time Kate and I started working together - she was amazing in coaching me through this period and I can honestly say my company has now retained me as a result of this ongoing support. I really cannot thank Kate enough - her support has truly changed how I work and interact with my manager. I have now moved to compressed hours and am working far more effectively both personally and at work than I have ever done. She was amazing!" Corporate Client VP 2019

"Kate took time to understand me, she showed empathy but also really challenged me and my perspectives, encouraging me look from other points of view and explore ways to adapt accordingly. There was no 'telling' from Kate she just asked the right questions, at the right time". Corporate Client VP 2019

"Having an independent individual to open up to and then play back to me the issues and hang ups I had helped me see the areas of success to build on and those that needed further attention. I gained confidence that I had tried the right things between sessions and that the impacts were noticeable" Corporate Client, Financial Services 2019

"This coaching coincided with me moving into a leadership role and was very useful advice in helping me make the transition in my behaviours and mindset as well as in understanding changes in other people's behaviour towards me. Really valuable to have an independent and safe place to discuss some of the issues I was facing with my role move.  Our conversations were honest and explored the issues in directions I wouldn't otherwise have taken, which have helped with building relationships in the new team", Corporate Client Petrochemicals, 2018/9

"I found Kate engaging, patient and helpful. She was able to coach the answer rather than tell, she was engaging from the off and I found her very comfortable to talk to. Kate was always prepared for our meetings and provided good structure and materials. I would highly recommend her!"Corporate Client Hospitality 2018

 Career Coaching

"I found Kate via Linkedin, having found myself in a deeply unfulfilling point in my career, full of self-doubt and misgivings  about what the future held. These sessions have been invaluable in helping me to truly find my purpose and in doing so has completely changed my mindset and outlook to a positive and confident one. Thanks to Kate I am really looking forward to the next stages of my career journey. I cannot recommend her enough". FMCG Private client

"In the sessions Kate really forced me to thinking further ahead in my career than I’d ever given thought to. To this end it was a very beneficial session and I’d highly recommend Kate to anyone seeking career coaching" - Frank M, Account Manager  Unilever plc

"I came to Kate  when I was planning to leave a career that had been convenient but unfulfilling for a number of years. She helped me to order my thoughts, recognise what I really wanted from a new career and most importantly it gave me the self belief to study and apply. I now have a new job which is varied and fulfilling and I love it".


Helen H, Business Analyst to Teaching Assistant

"I was at a point where I was quite lost with my Development Plan and did not have a set goal that I was aiming for. You really helped me dig deep to firstly identify what was stopping me from pinning down my future goal, and helped me see that the reason I have had successful career progression in the past is that I always had a goal to work to. You also helped me to gain so much confidence in realising that I CAN achieve my future career goal, whereas before I lacked the confidence to believe it was possible.


I have talked about my coaching session with you as a defining moment for me and my action plan".

Sales Operations Manager, Unilever plc