TEam Coaching

Kate has completed a  Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Qualification to acknowledge her work in coaching teams in organisations and is working with team leaders and teams using her own team high performance model and tools to create a shift in team dynamics and performance.

Training with the Global Team Coaching Institute with the guidance of  Professor Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck renown experts in the field of Team Coaching has enabled Kate to co-coach teams in organisations to work towards their peak performance. Kate has a strong network of co-coaches to support client briefs and teams of various sizes and with working virtually can also address virtual teams situated globally and locally.

Kate has recently completed a 6 month assignment with the Business Integrity team of a Software Company and would be happy to share this case study with prospective new clients.

Kate's purpose for working in the Team Coaching space is to make a difference to the team's development and create value for the

team and its stakeholders by working with the teams untapped, undiscovered resources.

Systemic Team Coaching involves working with a team leader on their team challenges. The work involves the team leader, the team members and the teams stakeholders all of whom are in the systemic lens of the work to drive change through new connections and connected conversations.


The work starts with a scoping meeting with the team leader to understand the context, strengths and challenges that the team face and we would start to work with a model to assess what you would like to change in the team. Working with a team perfomance model will give you a sense of areas we would explore. These include team relationships, connection to stakeholders, team purpose and clarity of commission and ways of working and team norms. It should be a familiar step in HPT work but is ideal lens to think about the needs of your team and its work when thinking Future/Back and Outside/In by connecting with stakeholders and customer needs.


From your brief we would agree the scope of work and contract the project before opening up the process to the team members and stakeholders which starts with a 360 diagnostic and interview process. This brings in the voices outside and inside the team to the work and also allows us to think about the value of the team to the stakeholders now and in the future. From the output of all of these stages we then meet with the team to share the data and co-create a set up a development agenda for half-day virtual workshops and coaching interventions that create the desired behaviour changes you collectively seek.


Throughout the project we (team coach and team leader) would work together virtually through a series of meetings in each stage and ideally all your team would experience the team coaching workshops together. In order to work systemically, I would work with another team coach to co-deliver the project to ensure we are both listening systemically to all the team members fairly and cover the stakeholders you wish to connect to. We can agree at the scoping stage how best to work with 2 coaches alongside the levels of 1-1 coaching that partners with the team interventions for yourself and the team members .


Interested in finding out more please do get in touch.

Client Testimonial

"Systemic team coaching was an invaluable tool to help me to lead my team through a period of change and uncertainty. It enabled us to listen to our customers, collaborators, and each other, and re-evaluate what was working well, and where we needed to think or behave differently. This was a hugely galvanising experience that has created the foundations for a new strategy, ways of working and team identity. We’ve already had some powerful feedback from stakeholders who have noticed a positive change in how we work together with them, and the team is energised by having shaped their own destiny. We’ve also noticed other teams now focussing on defining their own purpose and ways of working- it seems to have inspired reflection and change more widely".

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