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How to climb hills by knowing where you are first.

For the first time in a long time I took a morning off to plan and reflect. I have been noticing recently that clients often say they do not have enough time to stop and think about their leadership. A common piece of feedback after a coaching session has been that the session has forced them to reflect and the benefits of the slow brain thinking has enabled them to see a way forward. When I was gifted a free morning, I wanted to find my slow brain thinking for a new project where I felt stuck. I decided rather that sit in front of my screen I would go for a long walk.

Walking in the morning at pace is a tactic I regularly deploy to find fresh thinking and set myself up for the day. I also choose a very hilly area to get my steps in for the week. But this time I got lost.

Getting lost was scary. For a moment I lost my bearings. I chose to trust my instincts and go back into the valley even though I knew it would mean I had another hill to climb.

As I retraced my steps, I thankfully met a stranger who clarified my thoughts on my direction of travel and wished me a good morning with the parting words “You know where you are”.

The experience felt like a metaphor for my project and I took out my phone and talked to the recording app. The creative thinking flowed and for the rest of the day the “stuckness” lifted.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of where we are now to move forward. In my rush to complete the task I hadn’t reflected on what I already knew was possible and where my strengths could support my approach. I also started to work on my plan of attack as I approached the final hill home. Every few steep meters, I stopped and broke the approach into small ideas. I chose to not critique any of them until I had finished the hill and was back in the car. Later that day I shared my plan with a fellow coach for feedback.

What has this to do with coaching? My project is to talk to you my clients and future clients about what coaching can offer you. To make a transition from where you are stuck and make a change involves reflection time, working in the moment, thinking out loud and being listened to. This is what will make the difference. This is what coaches offer you and it works. Why not have a free taster on my consultation calls?

Don’t believe me – get in touch and I will happily send you the recording!

You will hear my plans on taking the 'Red Bus to Russia' which is about my expanding my reach – how did I do so far with this blog?


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