Discovery Insights Profiles & Other Effectiveness Tools

Discovery Insights is a psychometric profiling tool that offers individuals and teams a fantastic insight into their own behaviour and preferences and aids self awareness. This knowledge helps the individual or team to understand how to create change and underpins their action planning. 

Kate is an Accredited Practitioner of the tool and is able to provide individuals with a profile and coaching debrief which can support their coaching programme. In addition Kate can provide a team with profiles and deliver a Team Effectiveness Workshop that can greatly improve team performance. Please contact Kate if this is of interest to you and/or your team.

'Thank you so much for the Discovery Insights debrief, as we discussed, it confirms a lot of things that I was already aware of, but I find it really useful to have that confirmation – it even helped me last night talking with my husband! I will be forwarding the profile to my relatively new line manager too, as I think he has struggled to get a grasp on what makes me tick so far, and I think this can really help him. And it has really made me aware that I need to make more of an effort on my “green” side – I know that I find “blue” hard, but I need to find opportunities to keep the “green” in play before I forget how to use it." Lucy, Lawyer

"I have not stopped thinking about our coaching session and I really can't thank you enough. It is already providing a great deal of motivation and you are simply brilliant. You have such a talent for digging into what the initial questionnaire reveals." - Lorna, Art Teacher and Commercial Artist


"Just a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity.  As per the title, with your help it is a very helpful and insightful exercise. Do feel quite encouraged by the outcome, so motivating too" Stephen, Business Owner

Kate also holds a license for Korn Ferry Leadership 360 and is also licensed for creating and debriefing Hogan (HPVI, HPI and HDS) profiles.